Does your home measure up?

There is a saying that safety begins at home. But how do you know if it is your home that’s not safe?

When it comes to something like radon, which is a radioactive gas that you can’t see, can’t smell, can’t feel and can’t taste it’s a problem.

The only way is to have your home measured for its radon levels.
OntarioACHI Certified Radon Measurement Inspectors (OCRMI) can come to your home, measure the radon levels and give you a clear unambiguous report that simply informs you or the risk in your home.

OCRMI – Green-Amber-Red reporting

Green, Amber or Red

A simple presentation of the risks your home poses to you and your family.

In as little as 2½ hours

While the typical OCRMI measurement takes 48 hours, and Ultra-Short Measurement can be completed in as little as 2½ hours *

The risks are real – the savings are better

Scientific evidence and studies have shown that radon inhalation causes lung cancer. The higher the levels and the longer the exposure the greater the risk.

Reducing the radon levels in the home can save lives. A recent paper published in Canada jointly by researchers from Health Ontario, the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto came to the conclusion that with each reduction in radon levels, the number of lives that can be saved every year in Ontario go up.

The graph was created from data in
Lung cancer risk from radon in Ontario, Canada: how many lung cancers can we prevent?
E. Peterson, A. Aker, J. Kim, Y. Li R. Copes & K. Brand

Reducing radon levels in your home to 50Bq/m3 reduces your risk for radon-caused lung cancer by nearly 50%. But you need to know what your current levels are in order to know the risk!

Contact an OCRMI professional today and have your Home’s radon levels measured.
Knowing gets you half-way to ensuring your safety.

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*  OCRMI Professional must use a Constant Radon Monitor (CRM) to provide 2½ OCRMI ultra-short report or results immediately at the end of a 48-hour test.
Inspectors who use a passive device may require a further 2-3 days of lab analysis time to produce reports.