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OCRMI Training Course

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Radon in the home is a killer! Learn how to provide a service to your clients that will help protect them.

High levels of radon are recognised to be the cause of the death of around 850 Ontarians, every year, from lung cancer.

As a Professional Home Inspector, you are in a prime position to help reduce that number, by providing radon measurement sampling as part of the real-estate transaction.

While Health-Canada deems that only a long-term test of three months or more can be used to accurately measure the average risk to occupants of a property, they admit that ANY elevated level of radon is a risk.

Homes with elevated levels can generally be fixed easily and relatively cheaply.

The main problem is unless the levels in the home are measured, how does one know a fix is necessary?

A secondary problem exists in the fact that most people don't have their own homes tested for elevated levels of radon.   When the home is about to change ownership is an ideal time to measure for these elevated levels but the 3-month or more test is too long for the real-estate transaction.

OntarioACHI, in conjunction with RadonFindTM has developed a short-term radon measurement protocol and reporting procedure that allows for the measurement of radon levels in a property within the timeframe of a real-estate transaction.

This course is designed to provide inspectors with the requisite skills to be able to competently provide this service.

The course includes:

  • Explanation of radon, its origins, prevalence and how it enters a property
  • Summary of the health-risks radon poses
  • Explanation of the costs of doing nothing
  • Detailed coverage of the Short-Term Protocol for radon measurement testing as part of a real estate transaction
  • Explanation of the reporting process and recommendations to be given dependent on the outcome
  • Testing and certification of the student to the OCRMI designation.

  At the end of the course and successful completion of the examination, Inspectors will be registered on the ONRadon web service and promoted as competent to provide these short-term tests in such a way that it increases the protection of the consumers without impacting the timeline of the real-estate transaction.

April 24th, 2019 8:30 AM through  5:30 PM
Holiday Inn Express
7815 Kent Boulevard
Brockville, ON K6V 6N7
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Phone: 613 342 1883
Course Fee
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