Protect Your Clients

Realtors, you have the chance to save lives

We know that balancing the desires of your clients against what is really right for them is difficult.  But what risks are you prepared to expose them to close the deal? 
save-a-lifeRadon is the leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.
16% of all lung cancers are caused by radon.
850 Ontarians die every year from radon cause lung cancer.
As a Professional Realtor, you can help reduce those statistics.
dollar housePrior to a sale, the U.S., U.K. and a number of other countries mandate testing for radon.

House prices are not negatively affected in those countries

Results are simple to read, simple to understand and the recommended actions should be easily acceptable to both buyer and seller.

Finding a high-level of radon is no different than finding any other material fact.

Getting a green result or having the levels mitigated add to the selling features.

OCRMI certification logo

An OntarioACHI Certified Radon Measurement Inspector (OCRMI) is a Home Inspector that has been certified by the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors as having the skills to perform an independent short-term test, as part of a real estate transaction,
to detect defects that allow the levels of radon in a home to accumulate.

An OCRMI designated inspector will not perform mitigation on any home they test. There is no conflict of interest.
The results of the test are presented in an easy to read and understand format, with clear concise guidance as to your options.
Whether you are listing a home or representing a buyer OCRMI radon measurement
as part of the real estate transaction is the best way to ensure the risks, to your clients, from radon
are recognised and reduced as necessary.
If you are going to list a home get it tested before it’s listed.   An OCRMI measurement takes as little as 2 days to get the results.

– If the result is green, you are good to go use it to promote the home in the sale process.

– If the result is Amber, talk to your inspector to see what outcomes are probable. 

– If the result is red, recommend to your client the home is fixed. 

A properly installed radon mitigation system will likely add value to the property and help sell it quicker.

If you are assisting a buyer, consider this. 

It is well known that radon is a problem. 

If you are asked, “Does this home have high-levels of radon”  will your response be…

1.  Sorry,  that’s something I don’t know about the home but if you get it tested you might lose the deal
                   (If they don’t they might lose their life!)
2.  I’ve asked, and it was tested and has a green result
                  (or a professionally fitted radon mitigation system and a green result!)
3. I don’t know, but I recommend you protect yourself and your family and have it tested.
                  (The fix is simple if one is needed so your clients can be safe in the future home you helped them buy)