Test before you buy

Don't buy a home without having it tested for radon first.
House with faceIf every home was measured for radon and fixed when necessary no-one would need to be concerned. skull and crossbonesRadon is the leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.
16% of all lung cancers are caused by radon.
850 Ontarians die every year from radon cause lung cancer.
Your family at riskJust because you can’t see it, taste it or smell radon it is still capable of serious risks to you, your family and your pets Get a professional to helpMeasurement of radon, performed by a professional, does not need to take months.  Measurements can tell you relatively quickly if there’s a defect in the house allowing radon in.  They’ll provide results that are easy to understand.

An OntarioACHI Certified Radon Measurement Inspector (OCRMI) is a Home Inspector that has been certified by the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors as having the skills to perform an independent short-term test, as part of a real estate transaction,
to detect defects that allow the levels of radon in a home to accumulate.

An OCRMI designated inspector will not perform mitigation on any home they test. There is no conflict of interest.
The results of the test are presented in an easy to read and understand format, with clear concise guidance as to your options.
Whether you are buying or selling an OCRMI radon measurement as part of the real estate transaction is the best way to ensure the risks from radon are recognised and reduced as necessary.
If you are Selling your home get it tested before you list. 

If you find high levels of radon and get it fixed, it will likely add value to your property and help you sell it quicker.

If you get a green result, use it to promote your home in the sale process.

If you are buying a home, consider this. 

Would you want to buy a home that had a leak in the basement that let water in?

Would you buy a home that had a leak in the piping that let gas in?

No??   Then why buy a home that has a leak that lets radioactive gas in?
Have it tested, get it fixed.


Look for an OntarioACHI Certified Radon Measurement Inspector (OCRMI)
to ensure your home in Ontario is free from defects that are
 radon to build up in the home.OCRMI certification logo

Let’s reduce the number of lung cancer deaths
caused by radon in Ontario now!